Parker's Propane Can Meet All Your Propane Needs

Parker's Propane Can Meet All Your Propane Needs

Call a propane delivery service in Otisville, Flint, Howell, Bridgeport & Corunna, MI

Don't worry about whether or not you have enough propane to heat your home ever again. Parker's Propane Gas Co offers home delivery services in the Mid Michigan area to keep your family comfortable all year. Whether you use propane to heat your water or your entire home, Parker's Propane Gas Co can deliver you exactly how much you need to fill your tank. We also provide commercial delivery services for all of your office needs!

Parker's Propane Provides the following delivery options for you:

Keep Fill: You never have to worry about running out of propane! We will keep track of your propane for you and predict when you will need another delivery.

Will Call: You can call us when your tank reaches 20% and we will provide you with another delivery.

Budget Billing: You are given a set payment based on your yearly usage. You will pay this monthly for 12 months.

Auto Pay: The auto pay program is for customers who don’t want to worry about bills. We save a credit card on your Parker’s account and automatically bill that card each time you get a delivery. Call our office to request a form to get started.

Need Assistance with Your Propane?:  If you’re having a hard time paying your gas bill or getting a delivery you may qualify for assistance. Contact our office for a list of local agencies offering to help propane customers.